A few weeks ago, I published a post about Spring Break ideas, and told you that we'd be highlighting some local ideas for it. Well, Spring Break is here, and it's time to reveal some of those ideas.

I decided to start out with an easy, but fun, idea. If you live in the Nacogdoches city limits, you don't even have to drive that far to get to this attraction.

For day one, just travel down the bricks of Main Street in the heart of Nacogdoches. Yes, it sounds simple, but that's the joy of the whole thing. If you carve out a large portion of the day, you can take the time to visit the shops. There's pretty much something for everyone downtown.

There are several antique shops, there are clothing stores, furniture stores, salons, bakeries, and more.If you're in the mood for a workout, there's even a yoga studio. If these aren't really what you're interested in there's an art gallery, and a fire museum. And, if you get hungry, there are several restaurants to try out, like the Liberty Bell, or Dollie's Diner.

Not from this area, but still want to go check out downtown? No problem! The visitor's bureau is found right in the heart of downtown!

But yes, you may not feel like checking out Main Street on day one, but definitely make plans to go before the week comes to a close.

If you have other great ideas for Spring Break, sound off in the comments!

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