So, let's review. Yesterday, for day one of Spring Break, I suggested visiting Main St. of Nacogdoches. You know, checking all the shops downtown, grabbing a bite to eat a one of the restaurants, maybe visiting the art gallery, etc. Now, it's time for day two.

Since day one consisted of going into and out of shops, I thought that it might be appropriate to spend day two outdoors. Also, for day two, I'm not just highlighting one specific outdoor attraction, considering that there are lots of places in the area that are worth spending the day enjoying.

If you're the type of person that is looking for a leisurely stroll, I recommend visiting the Ruby M. Mize Azalea Garden, on University Drive in Nacogdoches. Or, you could even check out the Pineywoods Native Plant Center. With the azaleas in full-bloom right now, these walks will be full of color. These are pretty cool ideas for people who are into photography, or just looking to take special pictures.

Maybe you're looking for something a little more "out-of-the-way". Well, I suggest making the drive out to Lake Nac. Whether you take fishing supplies, a kayak, a picnic lunch, or all of the above, now is an awesome time to hit up the lake. Still a bit too chilly for skiing, tubing, and things of that nature, but it won't be long before you can do those, too!

If you're  looking for more of a family scene, then check out one of the local parks. Pecan Park, on Starr Avenue, has a full playground for kids, and it's even got an awesome disc golf course. Another plus: it's got a walkway from the park to the azalea garden, so you can hit up two attractions, one after the other. Also, Pioneer Park just off South Street has an awesome playground, complete with a full-size tank for the kids to play on! Yes, I said TANK. (Don't worry, it's not active anymore) AND Pioneer Park has a disc golf course of it's own!

So there you have it. Day #2: Outside attractions of some sort. And I just named a few. There are lots of other outside attractions that you could check out in the area, just too many to list them all.

Check in tomorrow for suggestions on day three!

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