When's the last time you visited a place that truly inspired you? For me, it was last week. 

Like you perhaps, I've been so ready to get out of town after months and months of quarantine. Seriously. The stir-crazy level was at code red high alert. After being "grounded" due to Covid-19 for so long, I was so excited to get back on the road. Or in the air. But you get the point.

I love to travel. Period. Whether it's taking a mini-road trip to one of our East Texas cities, or hopping a plane and heading somewhere a bit more distant, it's one of my favorite hobbies ever. Particularly love it when I'm going somewhere on the "bucket list."

Last week a friend and I took a trip over to Lake Tahoe--which has been on my bucket list for years. You've probably seen photos of the emerald green, mood ring-blue water--it almost looks unreal. But now having been there, I can testify that the water is truly that beautiful.

And then you take a gorgeous lake like that--the largest Alpine lake in the U.S., by the way--and you surround it with snow-kissed mountains and gorgeous forests, and it truly feels like some kind of simulated paradise. Almost unreal. I can't recommend it enough if you've never been.

My friend and I wanted to keep it simple. The purpose of our trip was mainly to relax, do a bit of hiking, and honestly--eat. HA! (Just what we need as many of us are trying to get back on the fitness wagon after quarantine.)

Here's a photographic journey from the trip for you:

Stunning Lake Tahoe: A Photographic Journey

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If you need a AirBnB or just want to get out of town for a summer weekend, this may be just the place in Tool, TX.


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