Twitter has just launched a "first tweets" tool that allows you to go back in time to see the very first message you -- or anybody else -- ever posted on the popular social media service. We've collected the first tweets from over 50 of the world's biggest rock stars for your enjoyment.

Although many of these musicians have gone on to use Twitter in creative ways that allow their fans new insights into their music and lives, as you'll see many of these early posts seem primarily focused on promoting a new album or tour, or simply announcing that what you're reading is so and so's first tweet.

Of course there are some exceptions -- Ted Nugent naturally hits the ground running and seemingly mid-sentence, and if anybody has any idea what Ringo Starr is talking about please let us know!

Here's the winner of the "What?" award:

And oh boy, if you want to see a bold, exciting, game-changing first tweet: