Former Quiet Riot bass player Rudy Sarzo is getting in on the action with guitarist Dan Spitz, formerly of Anthrax, and ex-Journey drummer Deen Castronovo, who had announced last month they were forming a new thrash band — and aiming to put out a record later this year.

Sarzo's hard rock and heavy metal resume also includes time with Ozzy Osbourne, White Snake, Dio, Blue Oyster Cult and Geoff Tate's Queensryche.

Castronovo got his start in Social Distortion, and also played with Ted Nugent and Osbourne. He left Journey in 2015 for legal and personal reasons, but has begun working again, most recently on Journey bandmate Jonathan Cain's album What God Wants to Hear.

Spitz, who is a born-again Christian and Messianic Jew, had become a world renowned watchmaker after leaving Anthrax the first time. Last month on the podcast Talking Bollocks, he said, "it's just time now to play again. … I have a lot more music in me. I don't know where or what. I don't ask questions and I don't sit around the table and whatever. However God gets it to fall into place, it is what it is, and away we go."

He also says the band has about an album and a half worth of material written, and will begin their work together in earnest this July.

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