First it was Cher, then KISS playing their farewell tours - only to be resurrected from the dead by recanting such evil tales of deception.  Some people say "50" is the new "40", but one look at me, and you know that's plain poppycock!

Enter the Scorpions, who have recently announced their farewell tour, and upon competition of such, will head back 'into the studio' after saying good-bye to produce ANOTHER album!

Incidentally, the "Scorps"  have been around since 1965, and are best known for their '80's rock anthem "Rock You Like A Hurricane", along with hit singles "Wind of Change", Send Me An Angel", and "No One Like You".

The band "retired" in January 2010, but according to, the classic rockers from Germany will play on into their 48th year of togetherness, after the farewell concerts wrap in December.

And, I could not be happier that these legends that I grew up with, that infused my soul, continue to march on for the good of all mankind.  There is some decent tuneage today, but rest assured when I saw the Scorpions on stage nearly 30 years ago, I knew it wasn't a pyrotechnics show featuring a no name warm-up band relying on background dancers to cover for an inadequate voice performance.

You could also rely on knowing the singing was actually coming from the mouth's of the group via on stage microphones, and not some over amped boom-box spewing out "lip-sycned" lyrics.

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Welcome back guys!!

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