Only three more shows and then David Letterman will be officially retired.  Anyone else hate that?  

I've always been a Letterman girl.  Anyone that has had a TV show since 1982 is pretty dang good in this crazy industry, and worthy of attention and respect, and I might cry when he signs off for the final time.

In case you missed it, Cher turned up on the show earlier this month and called Dave an a-hole one last time.  She did it for the first time in 1986, and here is a link to the original video.  She also explains her love for tattoos, and Dave just doesn't get it.  The Letterman set has changed a ton!  There are a million memorable moments from Late Night over the years, and this is one of them.

Dave's final guests are on tonight and tomorrow, and on Wednesday night he won't have any promoted guests.  Instead there will be some flashbacks, some celebrating, and a few "surprises."

Dave hasn't revealed too much about what he'll be doing after retirement from the show, but we do know Paul Shaffer will keep making music and has said his scheduled will open up a bit more now.

Who's your favorite late night host?

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