Almost every business has been affected in some way by COVID-19. Some have had to shut down all together, while other had to change the way that they've operated. One of the places in our area that was affected was the SFA Gardens.

Every year, there are two plant sales that are put on by the SFA Gardens - one in the fall, and one in the spring. They are always held on the first weekend of April and the first weekend of October. Well, as you probably remember, April was right at the beginning of the peak of COVID-19, when everything started shutting down. So, that spring sale was cancelled. Over the summer, they did a few minor sales - succulents and things like that. But, it wasn't the same as the large sale. So, it began to look as if the fall sale would suffer the same fate, since everything is still a bit uncertain.

However, according to a press release from yesterday from the SFA Gardens, they're changing the way that they normally do plant sales. They've adjusted, so that everyone can still shop in-person, while staying socially distant.

The fall plant sale will take place the entire month of October, and you have to reserve a time to go shop for plants. People that wish to shop the sale will have the opportunity to reserve a two-hour window of time. During each two-hour window, only six people will be allowed into the sales area to shop. Reservations will start being taken on Friday, September 18th. Shopping times will take place Monday - Friday (October 1st-30th) from 9AM - 3PM, and there will be two Saturday options - October 3rd and 17th. There will be over 300 varieties of what the SFA Gardens call "Texas-tough" plants. This includes plants that are Texas natives, edibles, shrubs, trees, and many others, including plants that are exclusive SFA introductions.

Reservations for the sale can be made online at, as well as the SFA Gardens Instagram and SFA Gardens Facebook pages. Cash will not be accepted, but checks and major credit cards are. Also, safe social distancing must be observed, and masks must be worn if entering any buildings.

Yes, this will look totally different than the plant sales the SFA Gardens have put on before. But, it'll be nice to have one of the regular events begin to make a comeback!

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