In "Shut Up And Take My Money" news, if you've ever dined at Texas Roadhouse location then you know that they are famous for a few things but the NUMBER ONE thing they are most known for is their amazing Honey Cinnamon Butter which you can spread across a hot roll before, during or after you chow down your steak.

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Some of you are notorious for smuggling cups of this amazing butter out of their restaurant...don't lie. But if you want to stop being a butter mule for a little while and have the love that delicious spread at home, Texas Roadhouse has created something just for you.

The restaurant chain unveiled a new candle that smells just like the butter, which is served alongside its signature rolls.

That's right folks, Texas Roadhouse is releasing candles inspired by the scent of their famous butter. Now you can finally combat the smell of all things pumpkin in your home this fall and for months to come with smell of different and delicious.

The Company Says The Candle Will Only Cost $12

via Land of Food | Twitter
via Land of Food | Twitter

In a Facebook post the company added "we have perfected the scent of the delicious Honey Cinnamon Butter you enjoy on your Fresh-Baked Bread and put it in candle form." If you've read enough of my filler and are ready to order one or a dozen like the rolls, pre-orders begin Friday September 23rd. The link to order them will be available on Texas Roadhouse's official social media accounts on that day.

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