Slash is dealing with a bit of a scary situation, as he's been granted a restraining order against a man who keeps showing up at his house uninvited. The individual has apparently been acting both threateningly and violently.

According to TMZ, the guy first showed up unannounced at the home where the guitarist was hosting a Super Bowl party. Claiming to be a friend of Slash, he was turned away by the Guns N' Roses member's girlfriend. Following the snub, he continued to ring the doorbell and then "violently bashed the security camera."

A couple of weeks later, the man appeared at an invitation-only gathering claiming to be a friend of Slash and was once again refused entry. This time, he sat outside on his motorcycle in the parking lot revving the engine.

Feeling endangered enough to go to court, Slash filed for and received a temporary restraining order against the person, whose motives remain unclear. The case will go to court on March 29.

Slash made headlines in recent years when he rejoined Guns N' Roses for the first time since the '90s for the band's 'Not In This Lifetime...' ongoing world tour. Also featuring frontman Axl Rose and bassist Duff McKagan from the outfit's original lineup, it has been incredibly successful since beginning in April 2016. Last year, it landed at number two on Pollstar's Top 20 Worldwide Tours of 2017, second only to U2.

"When we got together and played, it was Coachella, it was just fucking awesome," he told Nikki Sixx a few months ago. "And we played the Troubadour - it was the first gig that we did - and it just snowballed from there. So [it’s been] 18 months... if you had talked to me 20 months ago, I would have said, 'No fucking way. It’s never gonna happen.’ But it did, and it was fucking awesome."

GNR are currently prepping for a staggering ninth leg of the jaunt, slated to resume June 3 in Berlin, Germany. Dates are scheduled to run through late July, bring the grand total of gigs to nearly 150.

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