We'll since it's now impossible for us to get our hands on any fireworks this weekend, I thought I'd give you the next best thing.  A video of firework explosions at 2,000 frames-per-second 

PopSci celebrates Independence Day by filming fireworks being blown up up at 2,000 frames-per-second on a Phantom v641 ultra-high-speed video camera.

Just as the Founding Fathers intended, right?

Don't forget, you can come check out some really great fireworks shows in both Lufkin and Nacogdoches on Monday.  Just follow the links below to find out all the details for both events!

City of Lufkin Fireworks Extravaganza sponsored by Mike Love and Associates

Freedom Fest in Nacogdoches presented by Brookshire Brothers and Metro PCS

Happy Fourth of July!!  Enjoy!!