The annual Lufkin Coca Cola Cross Country Classic took place this past Wednesday.  Hundreds upon hundreds of runners from middle school through high school made the trip to Lufkin High School to test their endurance in runs from 2400 meters to 5000 meters.

My daughter runs on the Hudson Varsity team, so I'm no stranger to meets such as these.  Many times, just before races begin, some of the teams at these meets will join hands for a pre-race prayer.  But, Wednesday at the Lufkin meet, something happened that brought a lump to my throat.  All the runners in the girls 1A - 4A race formed a huge circle, held hands and bowed their heads in prayer.  That's over 150 young ladies representing teams from all over the East Texas putting God first.  A runner from Woden led the girls in a beautiful prayer.

To all the parents and coaches of these runners, thanks for teaching them what truly is important.


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