So, if you weren't aware, last night we teamed up with Badders Law Firm for our listener appreciation party at Splash Kingdom in Nacogdoches, and it was an awesome time!

I just wanted to take the chance to thank everyone who came out. I was actually live, on-air at Splash Kingdom starting at 6:00, and then the gates opened for our listeners at 6:30. In addition to Q107 being live from the water park, our friends Danny Merrell from Kicks 105, and Dan Patrick from KFox 95.5 were live also.

We had a lot of fun yesterday, getting to hang out and speak with listeners, as well as getting to spend some time playing in the water. This is the second year that we've gotten the chance to hold our appreciation party, and who knows? Maybe we can pull it off for a third year in 2018.

You know what that means, right? Keep on listening, and we look forward to making next year's party even better!

Once again, thank you to everyone who came out and brought their friends and family for a great night at Splash Kingdom!

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