Thanksgiving is just a few days away! Every year I sit around with my family and friends and debate (at times very loud debates) on which is better- Stuffing or Dressing. Now before I go deep into what I feel here is what is most dictionaries state: According to most dictionaries stuffing is a mixture used to stuff something, mostly poultry! Whereas dressing is made in a dish on the side.

Now that we have that settled I must make it known that I am a stuffing fan. The actual white bread in the turkey kind of stuffing. Every year for as long as I can remember my mom has stuffed a turkey for Thanksgiving and honestly is there anything better then Momma's cooking?! I like to make a Turkey and bring the Turkey and stuffing to potlucks and I get all the strange looks.

Now I know I live in the South but I am going to state a opinion that will probably shun me for a while but I do not like Cornbread dressing. I have had a lot of people make me their variety of it and each one has not jumped out at me to be amazing!

I know many people are reading this and are thinking that I have lost my mind. Maybe I just don't have the right recipe for Cornbread dressing. Are you a boxed stuffing fan? Let me know in the comments below what you think?  Who knows maybe I will take your recipe and make it in a cooking demo!

Let the debate begin!



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