Okay, my neighbors home residing to the right of me has a sail boat, and my neighbors home on the left has the equivalent of a tug boat.  Both parties are avid "water loggers", because there is not one summer weekend that passes without the captains taking to the high sea.

Have been invited to take part in this rite of passage, but since my one neighbor looks like the Skipper from "Gilligan's Island", and the other neighbor reminds of the guy who was driving "Titanic", I always manage to have an excuse not to go on this adventure.

When you are boating (or even swimming and fishing) this year, officials from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Program (TPWD) will be monitoring Lake Nacogdoches, Lake Sam Rayburn, and Lake Naconiche.

Here are a few reminders before you tear into the wake:  All boaters must have life jackets available, plus those 13 years of age and under MUST wear a regulation (meaning that it must be the accurate size for that person) flotation device while on the boat.

Born after September 1, 1993, then you will need to pass a boating education course before you can graduate beyond "first mate".  See this site for more.

Bon voyage!