East Texas Kids Can Bowl for Free All Summer
Kids can get two free games of bowling EVERY DAY this summer, and all we have to do is sign them up. This program keeps growing, and now might be the time to petition our favorite bowling alleys to get more of them involved. Some that are a short drive away will be part of it.
Guys, Ever Gotten Your Butt Kicked By A Girl?
I had a great date over the weekend, and it was his idea to go bowling.  We drank wine, we had dinner, and then we headed to the bowling alley for a spur-of-the-moment game.  He just happened to have his own ball and shoes in his car because he bowls in a league, so I was immediately intim…
10 Unfortunate Bowling Fails
Bowling is like a right of passage; you've gotta wear those extra smelly shoes at least once in your life. Ya know, for the semi-gross experience. Not to mention the actual game is pretty fun, too. The thing is, it's also very fail prone. But we ain't complaining!