Deck the Halls in July?
s the weather begins to change (Well in Texas drop from 99 to 90) the mindset of storefronts begin to change! Down go the last subtle hints of summer and up go the massive signs that Santa is coming to town. If you blink to quickly you will miss the aisle in the back corner that celebrates Hallowee…
Gifts That Teachers Really Want
Winter parties are happening this week at East Texas schools, and if you're looking to give a thank-you gift to a teacher that he or she will really appreciate, we've got several good ideas. And they're all affordable.
Gingerbread House Fail!
We try it each year, and each year we fail at making pretty ribbons with the icing and properly spacing out the gumdrops. But this might have been the worst gingerbread house fail yet with the dog adding his own festive touch.

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