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Daniel Craig Back Will Reportedly Be Back as James Bond
The drama around who will play James Bond in the next (and 25th!) 007 adventure is already more intriguing than anything in the last 007 adventure. Incumbent Bond made it fairly clear during the press tour for Spectre that he wasn’t exactly dying to make another film as Britain’s great…
Guy Hamilton, Director of Classic James Bond Films, Dies at 93
If you like James Bond movies, you have several people to thank for your hero. Ian Fleming, obviously; he wrote the original Bond novels. Harry Saltzman and Albert R. “Cubby” Broccoli, who produced and guided the franchise for decades; Terence Young, who directed the first two movies w…
Ken Adam, Production Designer Behind Bond, Dies at 95
Sir Kenneth Adam, the celebrated production designer responsible for the iconic sets from the James Bond franchise, Dr. Strangelove, and a host of other fine films, has died. He passed away last night in his London home following a brief stay in the hospital. He was 95 year old.

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