What if there were no more hot deaths in Texas?  One McKinney boy has invented something that may do the trick, and he's got a patent in the works, and a 3-D model waiting so it can be mass-produced.  There's one thing we can do to help.

Bishop Curry is a 5th grader in McKinney, near Dallas, and he's invented a fan that attaches to head rests, and kicks on and starts blowing once the temperature inside the vehicle reaches a certain temperature.  It also comes with an antenna that sends an alert to police to come and check on the situation.

Curry says he was inspired to do something after a girl on his street died in a hot car earlier this year, and because of his determination and grit, it's become a whole lot more than just a good intention.  He started a Go Fund Me account which has surpassed its goal of $20,000, and at last check it was over $45,000 and growing.  Most of the donations are from individuals donating $20 or $25.

The patent is pending and he expects to have the approval later this year, and then the 3-D model would go to manufacturers who could mass produce it.

It remains to be seen if people will actually buy the device and put it on headrests just in case.  From the description, it sounds like several Texas kids might be alive today if this fan had been in the vehicles that they became trapped in.

Texas kids are pretty awesome, and we love sharing stories about the ones that are thinking outside the box, and motivated to help solve serious problems.  Nice job, Bishop Curry.

If you want to support his cause, click HERE.

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