What could possibly be more distracting than texting behind the wheel? Well, it turns out there are several things that are more likely to send you into a wall, or another vehicle while you're taking a leisurely drive on US 59.  Heads up!

We've all probably had the experience of sitting at a stoplight and looking over at the next car, and seeing that the driver is putting on makeup.  Or eating.  Or texting.  The car is not the best place to multi-task.  But there's something more distracting than all of that.

Voactiv says there are lots of things that could get us into a wreck, including all of the things just mentioned.  The single biggest thing that increases our changes of getting into a wreck is driving under the influence.  That makes a crash 36 times more likely.  Yikes.

Other things that make a crash more likely, according to the new study:

Aggressive driving


Dialing the cell phone

Reading or writing

Strong emotional outbursts

Reaching for an object


Those are all things that boost our chances for an accident.  In other words, don't speed and then get into a big screaming match with your spouse, and then try to calm down by reading a book in the car.  That's a bad news scenario.

What's your biggest pet peeve on the road?  Tell us what other drivers do that drives you insane.  Because we know you're one of the good drivers!

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