It's a common word, but there is one tricky letter combination that trips us up regularly enough that we have to ask Google for help.

Oh, and what's with Oklahoma?  Along with South Dakota and Wisconsin, they have trouble spelling the word "gray."  They must have seen 50 Shades of Grey too many times.

Google Trends says Massachusetts has trouble spelling "Massachusetts," so apparently living there does not help.  Montana, Maine, and Michigan are tripped up by "vacuum," and Arizona has trouble with "diarrhea."  So to speak.


Texans ask Google for help with the word "niece" more than any other word.  It's that i-before-e thing most likely.  Thanks to the red squiggly underscore, we are usually alerted that we're about to misspell the word "niece."  Unless we've already the wrong spelling to our computer's dictionary.  Oops.  That might be in there along with LOL, ha, spose, and cuz.

At least Texans can spell Massachusetts.  And diarrhea.  Good for us!



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