Since when is a life only worth five years "at the rock", and why did prosecutors agree to such a lowly sentence?  I've read about pot smokers getting a greater stretch.

Me?  I'm an eye-for-an-eye guy.  Commit murder.  Pay the ultimate price.  The saviors of the death penalty will arguably contact the radio station tomorrow demanding that I be fired with an apology.  Here's the number: (936) 639-4455.

Tell you what, before you make the call, how about we split the jail time of one Mr. Gary Hodges to let's say, 25 to life?

Without going through an entire timeline of events of his crime, Hodges bludgeoned his own brother to death in April 2011, in what was catergorized as a crime of passion (okay, whatever - now we have sub-categories for murder).  And get this, he will be eligible for parole in two and a half years!

Some people are actually praising Hodges for not putting his family members through a trial, and saying it took guts to make this type of decision.  HUH?

Forget my opinion, I want to know what you think.  Simply put, do you feel that FIVE years is a fair amount of time to be punished for deliberately taking another human beings life?