Pro tip, don't leave your three year old in the car, with a loaded gun, by themselves. 

Strange story out of McCallen, Texas where a three year old boy accidentally shot himself. The revolver apparently was found by Yesenia Cantu in her ex-husbands car. She picked it up and put it in the center console of her mother's car, the one she was driving in at the time.

Hidalgo County Sheriff's Deputies met with Cantu’s aunt who told them she was across the street from her house when Cantu and the child arrived at her house. The aunt said the young boy got out of the car and walked across the street to her while holding a revolver, according to a criminal complaint obtained by

The aunt asked the boy if she could see the gun in order to get it out of his hands, but the gun discharged as she was taking it away from him shooting the boy in the chest.

Yesenia told deputies she was unsure when, or how her son knew the gun was inside the vehicle. The McAllen Monitor reported the child survived the shooting after several surgeries.

Yesenia Cantu faces a Class A misdemeanor charge of making a firearm accessible to a child, which carries up to one year in prison if convicted. The McAllen Monitor reports Justice of the Peace Marcos Ochoa issued her a $10,000 bond, and that she was formally charged Monday.

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