Things have truly changed since my days of education.  The only identification I possessed in middle school was answering my name to roll call, and in high school, I carried around a student I.D. card.

But, today's unstable climate, is causing an uproar in change, causing some students to rebel against new legislation at their school.

Two schools in San Antonio (Anson Jones Middle School/John Jay High School) have "requested" their student body to attend class with a photo identification card featuring an embedded chip to track their whereabouts at all times while on campus.  The main reason for this action  --  truancy.

Maybe "requested" is an incorrect word selection, because those not having the card on their person have been prohibited from the library, and participating in selected school functions.

On the surface, there does not appear to be any infiltration of students rights, but according to Heather Fazio of Texans for accountable government, she was able to obtain the names and addresses of every person in the school district using the "chip" program, simply by paying a thirty dollar fee for filing a request under the "Freedom of Information Act".


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