If you're busy finishing up that last drink or conversation with friends and you make the Uber driver wait outside, that's going to cost you.

Here's how long the Uber driver will wait before you rack up an extra charge.

It's a 5 minute grace period right now, but Uber is testing out a new policy that will move the leeway down to 2 minutes.  Their time is valuable! Waiting on us prevents them from giving rides to other people, and cuts into their profits.  Uber says to avoid the charge, just call when you're ready to leave that bar or restaurant or house, and be waiting at the door. Okay, will do.  We just hope we don't have to wait too long on the driver.

KLTV ran a story recently wondering whether Uber might be the future of transportation, and become more commonly used across East Texas.  If it is, just don't make the driver wait!

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