KTRE reported on the fact that Governor Greg Abbott approved a new bill over the Memorial Day weekend, the approval of Brass knuckles along with Wild Kat Keychains and Clubs to be carried for self-defense.

Texas has been known to have the “Come and Take It” attitude. I also understand times are somewhat different from the wild west I can understand how maybe the acceptance of this weapons could be used…. Maybe.

The only few weapons remaining included explosive weapons, machine gun, short barrel firearm arms along with zip-guns.

These items could be used to cause harm easily. I’m glad to see Texas showing the “Come and Take It” attitude but I’m not sure where the line is drawn anymore.

What weapons is your favorite of the approved Texas weapons its below?

  • Knives
    Hand Guns
    Pepper Spray
    Brass Knuckles
    Whatever wild cat keychains are

Stay classy Nacogdoches!

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