I'm a fan of live music performances. It doesn't really matter which genre it is, I like seeing the music performed in person. That's why, when I hear of a music venue shutting down, it hurts a bit - even if I wasn't familiar with the venue.

Well, that's the kind of news that I received yesterday.

Yesterday, I found out that the Firehouse Saloon in Houston is shutting down. Now, I didn't get the chance to attend any concerts or other events there, but I still knew exactly what the venue was, and what it meant to others.

It was known as a Honky-Tonk in Houston that had seen all sorts of music greatness perform. According to Facebook, the Firehouse Saloon had been open 28 years. That means that it had been in operation longer than I've been alive - another reason to be frustrated that I never made it there.

But, according to the Firehouse Saloon website, this wasn't just a place for country music. They also had artists that performed rock and pop. Also, it was event venue. The Firehouse Saloon was a place that could be booked for private parties and weddings. It was more than just a dance hall.

Also, one other thing that really caught my attention about the Firehouse Saloon is that it is now, and always has been, owned by firemen. Thus, the name Firehouse Saloon. It truly is sad that it's closing down.

But, the Facebook post that told of the closing also had this little gem at the end of it:

The property owners are moving forward with redevelopment. But wait – The Firehouse will be reinventing itself so y’all stay tuned, you’re going to love what’s coming next.

Now, I'm curious.

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