Props to the Home Depot and the Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary Unit 84 for helping out Eddie and Christie Estevez of Lufkin.  Eddie is a veteran who served two years in Iraq, and during that duty, a tree fell onto the couples house, removing the siding, and creating a gaping hole in the structure.

Due to a grant from The Home Depot Foundation, with emphasis on military vets, it's able to assist those facing financial and physical hardships at home upon returning to life as a civilian.

The Estevez's are extremely grateful for the support they received here in East Texas from family, friends, and strangers, as well.

It should also be noted that Subway, Papa John's, Love's and Burger King kept people fed during the project.

Nice to see everyone come together on this one, and don't mean to put a damper on the results, but for all the money spent towards election campaigning, you would think that our government could help our veterans just a wee bit more after serving in active duty.