A 15-foot, 2,000-pound Great White Shark has been spotted off the coast of Louisiana, and she could be on her way to the Texas coast next.  In fact, an increase in shark sightings here in the South could be a sign of things to come.  

The female Great White named Unamaki started her journey off the coast of Nova Scotia, and she's traveled 3,120 miles to make it to waters off the coast of Louisiana.  It has taken her 103 days, to meander around the Florida peninsula to the Gulf of Mexico, and the Texas coast could be next.

Scientists originally tagged Unamaki in September of 2019 and she's one of the largest sharks ever caught in the northeast and the largest one currently being tracked by OCEARCH.  It's the first time they’ve tracked a white shark to this area, and they said it's possible she's headed to Texas.  Spring breakers in Galveston just might catch a glimpse of her.  From a distance, we hope.

Great Whites have visited the Gulf of Mexico before, but generally, they like colder water.  And we've learned from binge-watching Shark Week shows that they eat fish (including other sharks) and rays, along with sea lions and seals, and they count on the element of surprise as they hunt. Texas fish would certainly be surprised to see a big shark on their tails, that's for sure.

Scientists are waiting to see if Unamaki makes a home here, and if she does, where she gives birth and sets up her Great White nursery.  Scientists also said several other mako, hammerhead, tiger, and bull sharks have been seen and tracked recently in the Gulf waters and near the coast of Florida.  So we could have a lot more real live shark wallpaper on social media very soon.

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