Yes, I said free.

We've all been there before. That point of absolutely craving a hamburger. But, a real hamburger. Not a mass-produced, fast food burger. The only problem is, you generally have to pay for that kind of quality.

However, there is one place to get a quality burger for free. The only thing you'll have to pay for is gas to get you to the location where they're set up.

I'm talking about Grill 105.


Run by longtime DJ Sean Ericson, Grill 105 can be found traveling to all different locations around East Texas, such as Rex Perry Autoplex in Nacogdoches, and Ross Motorsports in Lufkin. It's even been featured at Stephen F. Austin State University's Parents' Weekend tailgate party at Jack Backers College Bookstore alongside Daddy's Seasonings and the Fredonia Brewery.



Grill 105 makes the best burgers using meat from Massingill's Meat Market in Lufkin, and seasoning from Daddy's Seasonings, which I mentioned earlier. You can also find Massingill's smoked sausage at Grill 105 events.


So much food, for...wait for it...FREE!

Look for the tent with the Grill 105 logos on it, and the smoke coming out of the pit, then stop and pick up what is sure to become known as one of the best burgers in East Texas. (It's already the best free hamburger, we're just waiting on the others to catch up and notice that it's the all-around best.)

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