Meet Steve McGranahan. "The World's Strongest Redneck".  Steve has been seen on both the Internet and on television as well, but I had never seen him until last night, and I'll admit, this is the first time I've held my sides laughing while also being terrified in the same moment.

One of Steve's first videos to hit the internet was "Lawnmower on a Stick".  He basically attaches a lawn mower to the end of a pole at an angle and uses it to trim his hedges.  As he likes to say, "he lives on the hedge".  Well now he's come up with an even "better" way to do some landscaping in his "Chainsaw on a Rope" video.  They're calling it the most dangerous video on YouTube.  Now I have seen some pretty ridiculous stuff on YouTube, and I have no idea how they rank the most dangerous videos, but I do have some idea what the conversation at the neighbors house might sound like:

"Honey, what's that noise outside?"

"Oh, it's just ole Steve McGrahnanhanhan swinging a chainsaw on a rope in the front yard.  No need to worry."