There are three things that are important when it comes to real estate. Location, location, location, and in that order.

What about the locations of our three local Brookshire Brothers stores? If you want to truly shop local, Brookshire Brothers is the only game in town.

Now that you've made the decision to stay local, you might need to narrow it down even further. Which Brookshire Brothers in Lufkin is right for you?

In Lufkin we have the distinction of being home to the very first Brookshire Brothers. We are now home to 3 full size Brookshire Brothers Stores.

I am going to rank these three stores on amenities alone. The one closest to you, aka location, could change this number for you.

Store 5 is in North Lufkin, on Timberland, and I believe that is still the original location. This store is in 3rd place, for selection and size.

Though not at it's original location, store #1 is the Chestnut Location. I put this one in second place.

Store #25 is on Frank St. in Lufkin, and is the newest...looking. The store has been at the location for a very long time, but has had a recent update and has expanded over the years. I put this one at #1.

All of the Lufkin location are bright, clean and inviting. Sheer space for grocery items, pharmacy, and location, are what separates them.

How do you feel about these Lufkin Brookshire Brothers Stores? Brookshire Brothers has been here in some incarnation or another since 1921, so they must be doing something right.

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