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Take a close look at these teenagers and let's try to locate them so they can be reunited with their parents.

Now as summer begins to wind down and the new school year gets ready to begin, parents of these Texas teenage boys should be taking them to two-a-day practices, marching band practice, or at least taking them to purchase new school supplies and clothes for the new school year, but unfortunately, that's not the case.

In July 2022, seventeen Texas teen boys were reported missing and one of them is from Tyler, Texas and another one is believed to have ties to Lufkin and could be in the area.

Parents of these teenage boys are worried about where their children are. They worry about how they're doing. They worry for their child's safety. It is not known whether these boys are just hanging out at a friend's house, ran away, or worse, were kidnapped and taken against their will. The point is, that a family is grieving over the uncertainty of not knowing anything about their child.

After taking a good look through all of the pictures of the boys that went missing in July in Texas, if you recognize any of them you are encouraged to call your local law enforcement office and report the location where you saw them.

In the case of Jacob Kellum from Tyler, take a good look at him and see if you recognize him.

In the case of Rylee Adams from Beaumont, he could be spotted in the Lufkin area.

Let's get these kids back home so they can continue their education, play sports, be in the band and be a typical sophomore, junior or senior.

These 17 Texas Boys, Including 1 From Tyler Went Missing In July

These 17 teenage boys went missing in July 2022. Take a good look at them. If you recognize them call your local law enforcement office and report that information to them. These are the boys that went missing from Texas in July 2022.

Between June 21 and July 8, 2022, 23 Kids Went Missing in Texas, Including 2 From East Texas

Please help find these missing Texas children.

Tyler, Texas Teen Among 34 Kids Missing Since January 1st

Thirty-four Texas families are wondering where their child is at this very moment, along with a family in Tyler. These children have gone missing since the beginning of 2022.

74 Arrested In Smith County Last Weekend Mainly For DWI And Possession

The following were arrested in Smith County, Texas from Friday, July 29th - Sunday, July 31st.

45 Arrested In Gregg Co. For DWI, Family Violence, Possession And More

Criminals do not take the weekend off. Those who drink and drive do not take the weekend off. Those who get upset and take their anger out on family members do not take the weekend off. Because of those incidents and others, Gregg County law enforcement was kept busy last weekend.

DWI Is Still A Huge Problem, 17 Arrested This Week In Gregg & Smith Co. Texas

These East Texans were arrested in Smith County and Gregg County for driving while intoxicated from June 13th - 16th.

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