Many of you have hear about the ARC, or the Hurricane Harvey Animal Rescue Center. It was set up by Wendy Fulghum, operator of Wendy's Misfits in Lufkin, a non-profit animal rescue in Lufkin.

The ARC was set up as a place for animals - all animals, not just dogs - that were rescued from the ravages of Hurricane Harvey. Since it opened, it's been a great shelter for animals, finding new forever-homes for them in the wake of disaster.

However, the ARC will be closing it's doors as of November 15th. With the electricity and vet bills racking up, the funds are no longer available to keep it up and running.

With that being said, there are still nine dogs that need to be adopted before the ARC shuts it's doors for the last time on November 15th.

There's Chief.





And seven others. These dogs need to find homes before they have to go into shelter care. For more information about these dogs, and for other adoption events, go check out Wendy's Misfits on Facebook.



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