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As I scroll through Facebook, I see pictures and posts from people that just decide to do things on a whim. Or, actually, some of them put a lot of effort and time into planning and doing these things.

Some of these things look like they might be a bit fun. Others, I could do without. Well, the stuff you're about to see comes from the "do without" category...

  • Getty Images


    There's a reason I start with this one...I don't do heights. Also, I don't do jumping out of perfectly good planes. It takes enough courage for me to just get on that plane. I'm sure not about to jump out.

  • photonewman

    Own A Spider.

    Fear #2: Spiders. Yes, I do have a touch of arachnophobia. I want absolutely nothing to do with those creatures.

  • Dmitry Kalinovsky

    Own A Roofing Business.

    Let's review #1: I don't do heights. Also, I don't want to be dealing with heights in extreme heat or cold. Props to the guys that choose this as their career. I'm glad that I can call you and I don't have to do it myself.

  • Lisa F. Young

    Own A Painting Business.

    Not as bad as roofing, but still not a personal favorite of mine. Once again, props to the owners of these businesses. And, once again, I'm glad that I can call you and don't have to take on the task myself.

  • lucky-photographer

    Move To California.

    Nope. Not gonna do it. I'd visit, but I'm coming right back.

  • onepony

    Live In A Tiny Home.

    I'm a big guy. I need a lot of room. Also, I have A LOT of stuff...way too much stuff to fit in something that small.

  • Czanner

    Work In Food Service.

    If you're the kind of person that does this, and enjoys it, more power to you. I'm not that guy. I have no desire to work in ANY aspect of food service...