Classic Rock Q107.7 broadcasts to East Texas, and East Texas only. Confused Canadians are free to unlike our Facebook page. Yeah, we're saying you are welcome to go ahead and find your Toronto based Q107's Facebook page, and please stop asking us about Tim Hortons commercials, Kraft dinner, and bags of milk. WE DON'T KNOW WHAT ANY OF THAT MEANS!

We do have a free mobile app that allows you to stream our station from anywhere, but we aren't naive enough to think these so-called fans are fully aware of who they are following. We are KTBQ-FM (Classic Rock, Q107) in Texas. I mean ... we get it. Toronto is also a "classic hits" station, so it's very similar to our local Q107.

Now, no disrespect to our fellow radio workers in Canada, but this is Texas. (I feel like I can't state that enough). We just want to make anyone reading this aware that some people are confused. I can't speak for Toronto, but I know that we get multiple emails, calls, etc. asking us why we keep running Canadian commercials, or they want to answer questions to some trivia that was asked on their station, or other concerns such as these.

Again, let me stress, NO DISRESPECT to any of these people in Toronto, or any of their listeners. However, this is the reason that we have confused reactions when we answer your calls or messages about annoying Canada based business ads.

We really don't want to change our name to "Q107 Texas," Oh and apparently there's a classic rock Q107 in Calgary Canada too! Calgary and Toronto can fight it out from here, but leave Texas out of it.

Hopefully this has cleared up some of the confusion.

Your Lone Star State, Classic Rock Q107 DJ,

Mark Cunningham


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