If Danny Carey's promise of a new Tool album in 2018 is going to hold true, the band might want to tell Adam Jones to hurry up. The guitarist posted an update from the studio, suggesting he's still working on tracking his parts on the new record.

The Instagram photo (seen below) shows off the latest addition to the recording studio: a striking bust of the Predator Xenomorph hunter Wolf in a most ferocious state with its jaw open wide and pointed fangs on display. Jones called the piece "a sick addition to all the good studio recording vibes," meaning it is likely there's still work to be done on his end. He also posted a photo of a Hellmouth guitar pedal on Aug. 2, again lending credence to the notion that Tool's successor to 2006's 10,000 Days is still a work in progress.

The same day Jones posted the photo of the pedal, Tool's webmaster Blair claimed to be "in the dark," receiving no updates from the band about their progress in the studio. He noted that this can be typical of Tool's recording sessions and vowed to attempt to pry some information from Carey if he makes good on a "threat" to pay Blair a visit.

At Metal Hammer's Golden Gods awards show in June, Tool's Maynard James Keenan was presented with the Icon Award and told the crowd, "A lot of work's being done, a lot of work's been done. I'll go on record now saying you're gonna see some new music next year." It's worth noting that the singer, who is historically cryptic and playful with his words, never confirmed the music would come from Tool.

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