We are now one week away from Christmas. That means that lots of people are gearing up for those Christmas family gatherings, Christmas friend parties, Christmas Eve festivities, etc. However, if you don't want to ruin all the fun, I think...no, I KNOW you should take some time to review these topics, and avoid them completely this Christmas.


  • Alex Wong/Getty Images
    Alex Wong/Getty Images


    You knew it was coming. You probably could've guessed that it would be number one. Avoid impeachment talk, talk of wall construction, upcoming elections, divisions of the government, collusion...I could keep going, but you get the point. Avoid politics, alright?

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    Reality TV

    The Bachelor, Survivor, The Voice, you name it...avoid the reality TV talk...unless it's Lone Star Law. Then, it's alright. Trust me on this one.

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    Getty Images/iStockphoto

    Diet Plans

    Hey, it's not New Years yet. There's no reason to dampen the mood with all of that talk of exercising, eating right, getting in shape, or anything similar to these.

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    Getty Images

    Colin Kaepernick

    And, you probably could've guessed this was going to make the list, as well. Since there are so many disagreements between people that say that they're against him and people that are in support of him, nip this in the bud, and avoid the topic altogether.

  • Photo: Ronald Martinez, Getty Images
    Photo: Ronald Martinez, Getty Images

    The Dallas Cowboys

    No talk of "We Dem Boyz", or "Cowboy Nation", or "Dez caught it!". No, no, and no. Whether you're a fan or not, avoid this controversial topic.

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    Who Makes Better Dessert?

    Oooooh...this is a topic you could lose a friend over. Don't get near this one. Just because "It's not quite like Momma used to make it," doesn't mean that you have to make them aware of that.

  • Facebook / Twitter / Reddit / Pinterest / Instagram / Snapchat / Twitch
    Facebook / Twitter / Reddit / Pinterest / Instagram / Snapchat / Twitch

    Social Media

    I don't care if you saw it on Facebook, followed it on Twitter, or liked it on Instagram, leave the social media talk ON SOCIAL MEDIA. If not, you bring the Facebook-drama to life. Ain't nobody got time for that!

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