When you live in Lufkin you don't recognize the wonders around you every day. I recently asked my Facebook friends what the seven wonders of Lufkin were.

They came up with many answers, and it was hard to narrow it down to just seven. Looking at their answers it leads one to mull over what a wonder really is.

There are different kinds of wonders. Many are naturally occurring, but those are not the ones on this list. There are wonders of the Ancient World and the Modern World, so I guess this would be more like the wonders of the modern world of Lufkin.

A Wonder Of Lufkin Should Be Iconic And Symbolize Our Town

Lufkin is the largest city in Angelina County and was founded in 1884. It was named for Abraham P. Lufkin, a cotton merchant and Galveston city councilman.

It was formed around the railroad, timber industry, and then the steel and paper industry. We have 137 years of history and culture.

All of these modern wonders were made by humans in the City of Lufkin. Some have varying degrees of artistic and architectural value.

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Honorable Mentions For The Wonders Of Lufkin

Some of the things I originally thought of as wonders didn't end up making the final list. There were also some other notable, honorable mentions that are listed in no particular order below.

  • Temple Theater
  • La Unica
  • Skyline
  • Museum Of East Texas
  • Angelina County Airport
  • Abe Martin Stadium
  • Naranjo Natural History Museum
  • Brookshire Brothers
  • Cafe Del Rio
  • Paper Mill
  • Biomass Plant
  • Angelina Hotel
  • Morales
  • Texas Foundry
  • Memorial Hospital
  • Abney & Medford Hardware

Now here are the seven wonders of Lufkin.

The Seven Wonders Of Lufkin

Do these all meet the criteria of a wonder of Lufkin? Decide for yourself.

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