As most Trivium fans know, singer Matt Heafy recently took leave from the band's touring in order to be with his wife as the couple were expecting twins. During a recent chat with WSMC 90.3's The Metal Teddy Bear Experience (as heard in the player below), guitarist Corey Beaulieu revealed that Heafy's proud papa time will likely keep them away from the road for a bit, but that work on new music hasn't stopped.

Speaking about a potential follow-up to The Sin and the Sentence, Beaulieu stated, "We always are writing during downtime, so there's always demos of riffs or songs or half a song. So we do have stuff to get started on, but we still have more touring later next year for this record. So, realistically, there probably won't be anything until the following year. But maybe there will be a single for the record whenever – sometime later in the year."

He added, "We're definitely excited to start on new material, but we're not gonna rush anything out at the moment. Matt's [Heafy] having kids, so we got parental leave from touring for a little while." At present, the next batch of tour dates on the band's schedule will come in June 2019. See those stops here.

The guitarist also revealed that it's the band's desire to reconnect with producer Josh Wilbur, who oversaw The Sin and the Sentence and Silence in the Snow, expressing his love for the sound they get from Wilbur's mixes. The partnership has been rewarding and Beaulieu says they're anxious to work together again whenever that may be.

Hear Trivium's Corey Beaulieu The Metal Teddy Bear Experience on WSMC 90.3

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