Your welcome.

I'm on vacation this week, our family is finally getting a chance to make it back to Disney World in Orlando.  From the amount of rain that we ran into while traveling Interstate 10 from Louisiana through Florida, and then looking at the forecast for East Texas, I believe you could say we took the rain with us.

Again, your welcome.

Over the past month...or maybe two months, East Texas has been in the midst of day after day of high probability of rain chances.  But, it seems finally we are catching a break, at least for a while.  According to the National Weather Service out of Shreveport, we are only to have a 20 percent chance of showers or thunderstorms today and Wednesday, and then no mention of rain after that through Saturday.  Of course, for the 20 percent of East Texas that gets that rainfall, your relief may have to wait until Thursday.


But, as we finally dial down the rain chances, get ready to dial up the East Texas Summer heat.  Even though we've been soggy and drenched over the past many weeks, at least the cloud cover has kept us cooler than normal, for the most part.  That's about to end.  Look for the high temperatures over the next several days to ranger from the low to mid 90s.  Plus, add on our June humidity, and we'll be mentioning something we haven't had to in a while...the heat index.  The feels like temperature will be well above 100 through Friday.

So, hopefully, if the forecast is to be believed, we can take out the machete and attack our yards that we now call the jungle.


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