When you think about it, being one of the top 100 safest cities in the state doesn't really earn us too many bragging rights.  There are 98 cities in Texas that are safer than Tyler.

FBI stats show that in the time that it takes us to read this sentence, a property crime occurs in the U.S.  A burglar, carjacker or other thief strikes every 4.4 seconds, and East Texas is not immune to that.

Texas is the 25th most dangerous state, according to the latest FBI data.  Using prison time served for things including arson, assault, burglary, larceny, car theft, rape, and robbery, Lawnstarter came up with a “Danger index” for each state and said Texas is in the mid-range for crime in the U.S.  We're not horrible, but we're not the best either.

The most dangerous cities in Texas:






San Antonio

Corpus Christi




Tyler ranked #99 on the safe list, which put Hutto at the top.  Colleyville, Murphy, Keller, Sachse, Flower Mound, Socorro, Corinth, Wylie, and Little Elm also made the top ten safe list.  Many of those are Dallas-Fort Worth suburbs.

The good news:  Arsons, murders, and manslaughters in Tyler are almost non-existent, using these stats.  But there are 2.3 aggravated assaults per 1000 people, 3.6 burglaries, and 24 thefts.  It would be great if those were non-existent too.

Longview has more burglaries than Tyler, and a few more aggravated assaults, according to the FBI data, which comes from local and state police departments.  Marshall has the most aggravated assaults of the East Texas towns that they studied, with 4.8 assaults per 1000 people, and 6.1 burglaries.

I feel like my neighborhood is a pretty safe place to be, and hopefully, you do too.  With our security cameras and video doorbells keeping a constant eye on things, maybe we can work together to keep improving on these numbers.

Hang in there Lubbock!

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