From all the comments I am reading online I know I am not the only person that thinks this home currently for sale in Oklahoma looks cool. But never in a million years would I ever purchase the home. While the price of the home has increased over the past few years, the price is not the issue listed currently at $415,000. This home that looks like something similar to homes from the television show The Jetsons, is being sold ‘as is’ and that includes the black mold you can see in the pictures. 

When you see a unique home like this that is being sold ‘as is’ you just wonder what else is wrong with this place. From other comments I found online other people noticed dropped ceilings, water damage, and other issues. But everyone agreed that if there was ever a zombie apocalypse this would be a perfect home to be in.  

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More Details About the Spaceship Home in Oklahoma 

The exact address for this place is 415 N 65th Ave W in Tulsa, OK. The home comes with 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and is a total of 1,386 square feet. The views from inside are amazing and that has to be the big selling point of this home. The home was first built in 2005, and comes with an elevator ride to the top floor as soon as you arrive home. 

Lots of Things to Fix on the Spaceship Home 

As mentioned above there are lots of things that will need to be fixed before they move into this property, although it could be a fun rental home for someone who wants to fix it up a bit. It’s unique, I’m sure someone is going to want to purchase it quickly. Here is a look at the inside. 

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This house looks perfect if we ever deal with a zombie apocalypse

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