It wasn't too long ago that I interviewed Carlos Rostanieros Camposa, one of the most highly sought out, awe-inspiring "graffiti artists" of our generation.  Not to be confused with a tagger, one who spray paints box cars, stop signs, or building facades.  I'm talking about a man that could turn an ordinary sidewalk into a schematic of the solar system with the realism of an extra-terrestrial venture.

Talented graffiti artists are usually sought out by metroplexes featuring a widely diversified community, typically to enhance the urban setting by painting murals that accentuate the landscape, and multi-cultural background of its citizen's.  Not surprisingly, some of these gifted drawers actually developed their skill set after honing their craft on the street with a spray can.

Where is this leading to you ask?  Did you hear about the tagger that stenciled over a 1929 Pablo Picasso painting at a Houston museum.  On the video below you can clearly see the vandal attacking the art piece:

If this guy gets caught, it may be a couple years in the slammer, so he'll have a lot of time to perfect his "brush stroke".