Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C. is not the place to go to keep your emotions in check.  The "Tomb of the Unknown" is also a highly somber experience designed (and well it should be) to drain every last tear from your eye duct, so if you are planning a trip to see the first official memorial to honor Texans who fought in the Vietnam War...brace yourself!

Coming to Austin for a 2013 Veteran's Day debut, the $1.5 million statue is the brainchild of sculptor Robert Sundt, who is best known for the very large "longhorn" that is passionately displayed on the U of T campus outside the Frank Erwin Center.

Upon its unveiling, the centerpiece of five soldiers circled around an ancient temple's ruins immediately grabs your attention.  Peering into the distance with weapons at their ready will no doubt cause a moment of reflection.

You will be able to view it for yourself on the Texas Capitol grounds in Austin.

Bring the Kleenex box.  Make it two!