There's no doubt that we have some pretty awesome tattoo parlors right here behind the pine curtain. But who is the favorite among our listeners?

I mean, come on. There's lots of places that could be up for consideration when it comes to the best ink in Deep East Texas. There's places like Casey's Tattoo on South Street in Nacogdoches, Black Spot Tattoo on Mantooth in Lufkin, Wolves Den on Chestnut in Lufkin, Tattoo Nacogdoches, which is also found on South Street, and the list goes on and on.

The artwork at any one of these shops could be described as great, and rightfully so. The men and women put their time and effort into their ink masterpieces, and the finished products show that. Each shop has it's own feel and it's own environment, making them each unique.

But now it's your turn to decide. We want to hear from East Texas. By popular vote, who is the favorite tattoo shop in Deep East Texas?


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