Was standing in an usually long line at the convenience store during today's lunch hour.  Thought I'd treat myself to some Cheetos and a rather runny "Icee" while waiting to get a gas receipt, when two men in front of me began a heated political exchange that somehow found its way to my quiet corner of life.

One of the men was substantially bigger than me, so when he asked my opinion about the upcoming presidential election, I felt that by not siding with him, my life would be in danger.  Just then the clerk said "next", and I became an immediate believer in guardian angels.

After wiping the sweat from my forehead, and realizing how close I came to being subject matter on that Spike television show "1,000 Ways To Die", the other man engaged in the exchange, the calm one, told me that he and his FRIEND were not even eligible to vote.  "FRIEND"?, I exclaimed!  I needed another "Icee" to quell my nerves!

This Saturday, May 12th, citizens of Angelina County will have their say, when city and county elections take place.  634-8376 will insure you are at the right place to cast your ballots.