For a few months, Nacogdoches had a local sports bar on University Drive, in the same shopping center as Kroger. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm referring to Sidelines Sports Bar and Grill.

It was a pretty neat little set-up. They had one large room with a big projector screen, the bar area with several different TVs for viewing, and another dining area with several other screens as well.

A few months ago, via Facebook, we found out that they were "closing for renovations". Then, they never opened back up. You could see some of the neon signs burning bright for a week or so after the doors shut, but then they went dark, too. Also, during this time, the Sidelines Nacogdoches Facebook page went away.

Still, there was some hope that maybe Sidelines would show up again. That little bit of hope was dashed this weekend when I pulled through the parking lot and saw this:

Mark Cunningham

This was the first time I noticed that the Sidelines sign was taken down. To give you a better idea of where it was, check out the picture below:

Mark Cunningham

The yellow circle indicates where the Sidelines logo was originally. Seeing that gone was kind of like the final indicator that the sports bar and grill was not making a comeback.

But hey, maybe I'm wrong and something bigger is in store. It just doesn't look super-promising at the moment.

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