Over the last few weeks, we've been announcing our Back To Work Giveaway, sponsored by McWilliams and Son Heating and Air Conditioning. We wrapped it up last week.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, here's the basic rundown: We teamed up with McWilliams and Son to give away $800 to one lucky listener. All they had to do was go on our app to get entered to win. There was no purchase required, no extra hoops to jump through, simply enter to win. Yes, it truly was THAT easy. If you didn't enter because you thought it would be some long, drawn out process, that's on you.


Well, we are excited to announce our official winner of the Back To Work Giveaway!

HUGE congratulations to Tina Gonzalez! Tina was the ONE lucky listener that's walking away with that giveaway!

Mark Cunningham
Mark Cunningham

Tina won, just for listening and getting entered to win on the Q107 app! Next time, it could be you! Make sure that you've got the app downloaded, so that you can get entered to win cool prizes too!

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Again, we want to say a huge congratulations to Tina, and to say thanks for listening!

Also, we want to say thank you to our sponsor, McWilliams and Son Heating and Air Conditioning. "They're not comfortable, till you are!"

Be sure to keep an eye out for any upcoming giveaways!

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