Get stocked up on pizza and Chinese food this weekend. We've got a major storm headed for Texas.

Thankfully we've got a friend in the North looking out for us. Frankie Macdonald gave a special weather report that conveyed the sense of urgency we all need to have as this tropical storm hits the Houston area.

In the video Frankie warns us about an all too real storm heading our way this weekend (Aug 26, 2017) and if our local weather gurus haven't drilled it into your head enough throughout the week, Frankie's message is hard to ignore.

We're thankful that someone all the way in Nova Scotia, Canada has our collective backs as he reminds us of the following;

1. Wear protective clothing/gear
2. Stay indoors
3. Keep your communication devices charged
4. Stock up on food and water
5. Stay away from beaches (Summer has officially ended early I guess)

Again, this storm is projected to affect us on August 26th so stay safe out there.


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